The Robert M. Cerullo Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization established in 2006, in memory of Robert M. Cerullo by his family. The purpose of the foundation is to provide financial assistance to “at risk” youth for drug abuse counseling and rehabilitation.

Robert lived each day to the fullest. The love and care he gave to friends and family will never be forgotten. It is the foundation’s intention to keep his spirit of care and compassion alive by helping others in need through difficult times.

The mission of the Robert M. Cerullo Foundation is to help fund drug rehabilitation and drug counseling for at-risk youth in the New Jersey/New York metro area. The rising costs of inpatient treatments and healthcare coverage make it difficult for many families to give their adolescent children the medical attention they need in order to successfully fight their addictions. It is our goal to partially or fully fund qualified treatment so that as many young people as possible can begin their adult life clean and sober.